• Huan Cui Tang, 1600

    'Huan Cui Tang' 環翠堂 refers to a notable literati project – a woodblock print handscroll of a remarkable garden envisaged as both a place of pleasure and metaphor for living in the world. The scroll represents a narrative journey through varied settings, experiences and encounters, linking man and nature, history and play, reassurance and exploration.  

  • Ten days in mountains 遊山十日記

    Besides being the result of a personal passion for Chinese art these past twenty years, this book represents another way coming into arts history. Inspired by the playful and elegant poetics of past Chinese literati life, I hoped to lightly recreate the experience of enjoying an album of painting for contemporary readers.

  • Chambre National de Experts Spécialisés en objects d’art at de collection

    Eric Wear is a corresponding member and representative in China of the French National Chamber of Specialist Experts for art and collection (Chambre National de Experts Spécialisés en objects d’art at de collection) (CNES).