Chambre National de Experts Spécialisés en objects d’art at de collection


Eric Wear is a corresponding member and representative in China of the French National Chamber of Specialist Experts for art and collection (Chambre National de Experts Spécialisés en objects d’art at de collection) (CNES).

Founded in 1967, the members of the CNES provide expertise on quality and authenticity for a wide range art and collectables to collectors, museums, exhibition organizers, insurance companies, customs offices and legal proceedings.

The CNES includes 153 experts who have gained full membership through peer-reviewed examination. In addition there are 53 stagiaire (trainee) members and 57 honorary and corresponding members. The full members of the CNES legally guarantee their qualitative and quantitative reports, enforceable under French law. The CNES represents the highest standard of expert appraisal of art and antiques.

More information about the CNES and full listing and contacts for its members can be found at www.expertscnes.com

Eric Wear can also assist with appropriate introductions.